Free Walking Tour MVD is an innovative concept in the touristic sector in Uruguay.
We invite you to visit Montevideo in a professional, amusing and economical way.

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Free Walking Tour MVD is an original concept in the touristic sector in Uruguay, being already very popular in Europe and other countries. Free Walking Tour is a free walk (work based on tips) to be done on foot, visiting the most attractive tourist places in our Old Town. The main attractions of the area are shown by our qualified team, with the backing of a company already installed on our national tourism and with a high recognition for its innovative work.

Tourists can go with our skilled major team, together with anecdotes, stories and legends that are hidden in the corners of the Old City.

Fanáticos Fútbol Tours together with Free Walking Tour aims to offer tourists a safe and economical ride, backed by a company already installed on domestic tourism and with high recognition for its innovative work. We ensure that each guide conveys good storytelling without losing the personality of the city, bringing uruguayan culture to every visitor in the best way.

Visit our city, it`s a must!

Meeting point:
Independence Square

Time: from Monday till Friday at 11 am & 2.30pm, Saturdays 2pm, Sunday 2pm

No booking,
just go!

Tours in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
If it rains, there is no tour.

Independence Square

The main square of the capital was founded in 1837 by the Italian architect Carlo Zucchi. Meets a dividing feature between the old city and the new city. There, we can see "Artigas Monument"; "Old Government House" also called "The Estévez Palace"; "The Palace of Justice" where the Government House is set and the most magnificent building in the area, "The Palacio Salvo".

Solis Theatre

Represents the main artistic and cultural scene of Montevideo. It was founded in 1856 under the name of the Spanish explorer Juan Diaz de Solis. Today elegant and majestic architectural features remain, both inside and outside the building, causing greed for Uruguay's most renowned artists.


If we take the sea-front towards west along the neighborhoods of "Palermo" and "Parque Rodó", we will find "Rambla Sur". The construction of it brought a number of changes in the social structure of the area. Today, the boulevard, with its 22km long, is characterized as one of the most democratic points and the lungs of the city.

English Temple

Shortly before 1840, the city had foreign Anglican families. Therefore, they wanted to make a temple to represent this sector. A few years after its construction had to be demolished due to the creation of the "Rambla Sur", and was rebuilt a few meters away.

Matriz Square

Also called "Constitution Square" to commemorate the place where the Constitution was sworn on July 18, 1830. It is surrounded by historical monuments of those days such as "Catedral de Montevideo", "Club Uruguay" and "El Cabildo".

Sarandi Pedestrian Street

This space allows us to go from the beginning to the end all way through the Old City. Formerly a Boulevard at the time, today it was decided to convert this space into the favorite area for montevidean walks.

Zabala Square

Considered one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Montevideo. It is named after Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, founder of Montevideo in 1724. It is a beautiful ride, a perfect escape from the bustling city and for enjoying its rolling roads, varied vegetation and its Gothic style.

Republic Bank

Today the country's most important bank and therefore the one with more customers. It was built in 1896 during the presidency of Indiarte Borda, with an architecture that stands out for its vastness of the tumbledown houses of the Old City.

San Francisco De Asis Church

It is located opposite the headquarters of the Republic Bank. It was opened in 1870 and it has been named a historical monument since 1975. Since 2007 it has been repaired, but this does not mean that we can not admire its beautiful eclectic architecture.

Port Market

One of the most touristic areas of the capital. It used to be a fruit and vegetable market, today becoming the most recognized and popular point to enjoy Uruguayan food, especially, its delicious barbecue. It is fascinating to visit it, it has numerous grills decorated with different cuts of roasted meat and outside the building you can experience the essence of our tango dancers and even "candombe".

The tour has no fixed cost; our guides are paid for by tourists tips.

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